Stop the effort to extend the DCA perimeter rule

Whining Cruz tries to strong arm MWAA 

Commerce Committee ranking member Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) waded into another hot-button reauthorization issue — long distance flights out of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.  Cruz supports more long-distance flights out of National and wrote letters to Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) president and CEO, John Potter, and spokesperson, Crystal Nosal, questioning its participation in the Coalition to Protect America’s Regional Airports, a United Airlines-backed group.  MWAA firmly stands by its public opposition to more long-distance flights 

Cruz said MWAA is different than other airport operators that are part of CPARA’s lobbying effort because it ultimately answers to Congress, and he argued that MWAA’s participation in CPARA is “concerning because, unlike other airport operators, MWAA is not a private entity: it is a public corporation that is accountable to Congress,” Cruz said in his letter that he “will respond appropriately.”  Details of Ted's whine 

DCA, LGA, and JFK operate under slot rules

Per federal regulations at DCA, there are 60 slots per hour with no aircraft classification between midnight and 6am.  

Unless otherwise authorized by FAA Air Traffic Control, Reagan National is limited to 60 slots/operations (arrivals and departures) per hour for specified aircraft classes between 6 a.m. and midnight (12 a.m.):

There are, on average, 2 to 3 departures and no arrivals per day between 5am and 6am.  If all assigned slots are being flown, this means there are 57 to 58 available slots between 5am and 6am. If assigned slots are not being flown, these numbers will be lower.

Capital Access Alliance (CAA) Sponsors

Read the CAA/Boston Consulting Group (BCG)  Full Report 

Credit to  Ryan Cohen (Chairman of GameStop) Tweet

The CAA is supporting its objectives based on unsupported assertions, talking points, and BOGUS DATA in its report done by the Boston Consulting Group.   Read Dissecting CAA claims supporting extension of the perimeter rule 

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Visit home page of group against expansion of the DCA perimeter rule.  The PCA is a member of The Coalition to Protect America's Regional Airports (CPARA)