Good riddance to LDA-Z

FAA implementation target date has been moved up to May 2024.

Thank you Montgomery County and Arlington for funding the enagement of a subject matter expert to support this successful project.  Shame on the DC government for not contributing any money.

In low visibility conditions, when the clouds are below 3,500’ and/or visibility is less than three miles, aircraft without modern avionics are guided by land-based radio beams called Localizer Type Directional Aid (LDA).  As illustrated above, the “Notorious LDA-Z” beam is straight-line flight path guidance from Glen Echo, MD to DCA.  These aircraft fly directly over our neighborhoods. The FAA is adopting a recommendation from the CWG to implement a GPS guided flight path that will move these planes over the river. 

Current Status of project to replace LDA-Z with RNAV GPS: 

Environmental study (CATEX) by the FAA of RNAV GPS was completed on 8/22/23.  The next step is FAA approval of the RNAV GPS Flight Procedures.  Replacement of LDA-Z planned in May 2024

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