Issues and background

North/South flow imbalance  

Flights flow either North or South from DCA's runway.  Rather than striving to maintain an equitable split,  nearly 65% of aircraft traffic currently follow a North flow path. Check out the FAA rhetoric.

FAA analysis claiming North flow advantages 

CWG identifies that 6% of North flow decisions by FAA controllers not based on its criteria 

Dissecting CAA claims supporting extension of the perimeter rule

As Benjamin Disraeli and Mark Twain expressed - there are " lies. damned lies. and statisics".  The Capital Access Alliance (CAA) engaged the Boston Consulting Group (BGS)  to conduct a study to support its objective to expand DCA's perimeter rule.  The report is biased and littered with errors and canards in support of expanding direct service to Texas and Utah.  So let's dissect this report a bit to understand what's lying inside, what "facts" are BOGUS, and instances of offuscation or chicanery!  I will not dwell on the glitz in the body of the report and focus more on section 9,  that describes the report's "rigorous" methodology (how the sausage was made).